The story of how I started begins with a trip with my father to Yellowstone. Armed with my Grandfathers 35mm minolta and too many rolls of color film I not only learned how to shoot but that I had never been more curious on how the camera sees and an even greater interest in how I see the world.

Weddings! I met Tracy in 2001 in Florida, she grew up in Key Largo and also spent most of her childhood on a boat traveling too and from the Bahamas. She decided to marry Josh in the most amazing wedding that focused on involving meaningful relationships. From the food to the photography. They entrusted me with the gift of shooting my first wedding.

Photography IS my passion but friendships are what keep me going, what help me to push myself to make me a better person and a better photographer. I not only do this for the art but for the collaboration process. My hopes are not for you to hire a photographer but for you to meet a life-long friend.